Barça 3-0 Bayern: No outfield player ran less than Leo Messi; none ran more than Jordi Alba

Lionel Messi does not need to run a marathon to decide matches. It's enough for him to appear at key moments in games. He knows how to read play like no other player, allowing him to improve any situation with one swing of his boot. 

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Against Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich, he ran 8,478kms (his average in the Champions League this season is 8,247) and he scored two fantastic goals. 

Only the two goalkeepers, Marc-Andre ter Stegen (5,870km) and Manuel Neuer (5,402km), covered less ground than the Argentine during the match. The players of both teams ran a total of 221,142km -- Barça (111,113), Bayern (110.029). 

According to the official data, Jordi Alba was the player who ran the most. Barcelona's left-back ended the match having covered 11,874km. 

Barcelona had to do much more running than they are used to. That is in part because Bayern had more possession than Barça, which is almost unheard of. Guardiola's side ended the game with 53 percent of possession, with Barça only having the ball for 47 percent of the game. 


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