Barça to 'promote' Nico to the first team and revise his contract

Barça to 'promote' Nico to the first team and revise his contract

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The young midfielder's performances have seen him outgrow the B team

When Xavi Hernandez said the club are working on promoting some B team players to the first team officially, he was talking about Nico Gonzalez, among others.

Nico signed a new deal in May with a €500 million release clause, tying him to the club until 2024, but he remained registered with the B team.

Now, as we enter 2022, and taking advantage of the fact Xavi wants him contractually in the first team, Barça hope to revise the financial conditions of the contract he signed just seven months ago.

This scenario was planned for in his current terms as it was expected that he would make the jump sooner than later, given his progression at the club.

Even so, Barça want to revise his contract due to his performances and the new panoramic as they look to build a team around the new generation of talent coming through.

Nico was the first of this generation to renew so his contract has been left behind by some of the more recent renewals. Therefore, the club want to update his -- and Gavi's -- deals to that they have a salary more fitting of the first team.

Barça's objective is none other than to maintain salaries commensurate with performance on the pitch and avoid the famous annual renewals.

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