Atletico's unexpected way of potentially convincing Joao Felix

Atletico's unexpected way of potentially convincing Joao Felix

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It is only October but the future of Joao Félix is already taking centre stage. The Portuguese winger, who was on target for his national team this Monday, will once again be Atletico Madrid's again for all intents and purposes as of July 1st. The desire of the player and Barça is to continue hand in hand, but the Azulgranas cannot afford today a transfer of 80 million. Although it is hard to imagine him returning to the red-and-white team, the capital club still have a hidden card to play.

It is known that the great impediment for Joao Felix to return to Atletico Madrid is 'Cholo' Simeone. Not only because of his not very attacking style -although this season he is being a bit more daring-, but also because of the personal differences between the Argentine and the Portuguese. However, according to SPORT, the coach has begun to move towards a possible move to Saudi Arabia.

In the short term, Cholo's intention is still to renew his contract with Atletico. For one or two more seasons, but always reserving the possibility of leaving for Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2025. Everything suggests that the coach will finish this season and complete the next one. But after that, he is contemplating the end of a period that began in December 2011.

The coach's entourage has already had some contact to find out what the 'rules of the game' would be with a view to a possible departure to Saudi Arabia in 2025. Today, nothing advanced, but it is significant that the Argentinian sees other options on the horizon.

In the hypothetical case that Simeone leaves the Atletico bench in 2025, the Madrid club would have more arguments to try to dream of seeing Joao Felix succeed as a Colchonero. Simeone was always open to the forward's departure, but Miguel Ángel Gil Marín values highly the talent of the former Benfica man, whose situation he tried to change without success.

The most feasible idea for Barça is to take on a new loan. Who knows if, next summer, Atletico could reserve the last word on Félix for July 2025, thinking that perhaps by then Simeone will have made way for a new coach who does have a 'feeling' for the Portuguese.

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