Atletico Madrid will not negotiate with Barca for Griezmann

Cerezo says that whoever wants him will have to pay his release clause

El VAR concedió el gol legal de Griezmann | LaLiga

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Enrique Cerezo, Atletico Madrid president, spoke to RAC1 about Antoine Griezmann. The president made it clear that "we're not going to negotiate at all. The player has a contract and as he doesn't want to continue at Atletico, you have to deposit his release fee. It doesn't interest us how or who, just receiving it."

On July 1 the 200m clause drops to 120m. On El Larguero (Ser), he said: "I don't know where, I don't care, once he goes it doesn't matter to me if it's Barca or out of Spain. Disappointed? I think that when you make an effort to keep a player and he tells you he's going, well, yes it's disappointing.

"The destination of Griezmann is not what's worrying me, I'm concerned by the players we have to bring in now. Bartomeu? I've not spoke to him nor do I have anything to ask him."


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