Atletico Madrid denounce Barcelona deal for Antoine Griezmann

They are claiming the 80 million euros from the initial clause which Barca didn't pay

 Antoine Griezmann ha sido presentado como nuevo jugador del FC Barcelona | Rubén Moreno

Ramón Fuentes

SPORT have learned that Atletico Madrid have denounced Barcelona. As we reported, they cannot go to FIFA because the quarrel is between two teams from the same association. Atletico can only turn to La Liga and the RFEF. 

The discussion is over 80 million euros. Atletico say Barca should pay 200 million for Antoine Griezmann, his release clause until July 1. Barca paid 120m, which is what the clause dropped to after the aforementioned date. Atletico say because Barca were in contact with Griezmann before that and struck a deal with him before it dropped, they should pay the full clause.

In a Liga meeting on Thursday, Atletico made their complaint and they will study it. There was also an RFEF meeting later and it was brought up there too, although the federation has not commented on it yet either.

Whatever happens, there will be no issue with Griezmann's license to play for Barcelona.


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