Arturo Vidal takes to social media once again to express his feelings

The Chilean international, who isn't afraid to speak his mind, used his Instagram account to send a message to his doubters

El mensaje de Arturo Vidal en su cuenta de Instagram | @kingarturo23oficial

Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal has returned to social media with a bang. After a few weeks of relative silence, he made a post on Instagram following his substitution against Athletic - something he wasn't particularly happy with. He showed that on the bench which, naturally, was caught by the TV cameras. However he didn't miss the chance to double down on that frustration with a social media post. What isn't clear is whether it was directed at Ernesto Valverde, the supporters or simply anyone who criticises him.

Vidal posted a photo with emoijis - what else? - and a song he was listening to. On 'Stories' he included a snipet of that song, "Vivencias Remix, and here are some of the lyrics: 

Me quieren ver mal (They want to see me doing badly)
Pero no me vo'a dejar (But I won't let them)
Mi corazón es de un guerrero (My heart is one of a warrior)
Así son las reglas del juego (These are the rules of the game)
Y el que la rompa va a pagar (And those who break them will pay)


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