Arturo Vidal posts another controversial message on social media, then deletes it

The Chilean international, who is on his way to Miami, took to Instagram to voice his concerns once again but quickly deleted his post

Arturo Vidal habla para SPORT  | Maite Jiménez

FC Barcelona's combative midfielder, Arturo Vidal, has once again lit up social media with a controversial post. In his Instagram account, there was an interesting message but it wasn't clear who it was aimed at. This came after Vidal was an unused substitute for the match against Valencia. Although, unlike his previous unsavoury post following the game against Tottenham, this message was deleted.

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"You don't need to fight with Judases, they end up hanging themselves." Now it isn't clear who this was directed towards. It's possible this is also 'fake' as, until now, the player hasn't commented on it. The message did have likes from Marc-Andre ter Stegen as well as James Rodriguez.

El incendiario mensaje de Arturo Vidal | INSTAGRAM

Arturo Vidal, who we don't know if he's aware of the controversy his post has received or not, is currently on his way to Miami where he'll play two matches for Chile.

The midfielder has used his account to reiterate his commitment to the national team. "I wouldn't swap a minute of yesterday with you for 100 years of life without you."


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