Arturo Vidal now and De Jong for next season

The Chilean will come to Barcelona while De Jong is wanted for the 2019-20 season

De Jong, futuro blaugrana
De Jong, futuro blaugrana | AFP

Barcelona have been thinking about various options to reinforce the midfield. The priority was Rabiot but the option of Arturo Vidal was attractive when thinking about the future. Because the Chilean, a signing who will perform immediately, will serve as a bridge to the arrial of Frenkie De Jong.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

The idea is to arrange De Jong's arrival for next summer to complete the midfield for the seasons ahead. At Barcelona they are convinced that De Jong will wear the club's colours sooner or later. And they have the situation of the player under control - he is receiving offers but only wants to go to Barcelona.

They will not try and force Ajax into selling this summer and instead will create a friendly deal for everyone. Ajax are open to negotiate and agreeing a move for next summer, which would give the player one more year in Amsterdam.

Barcelona have been speaking to De Jong and he doesn't want to force his way out now either, given his good relationship with the club. Barca are willing to give Ajax the 50m euros they were offering this summer. 


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