Arturo Vidal interview: I have come to Barcelona to win everything

SPORT sat down to speak with the midfielder at Barça training HQ

"I want to win everything and fulfill my dream of winning the Champions League"

El chileno se mostró confiado en sus posibilidades en el Barça y aseguró que llega dispuesto a ganarlo todo | Maite Jiménez

Ivan San Antonio

Barcelona's new midfielder Arturo Vidal spoke exclusively to SPORT about his new life at Camp Nou... 

What have you come to Barça to do?

I came here to win everything. I came to keep making a name for Chile. And I came to enjoy the best football. 

Where have you most enjoyed your football until now?

It's difficult to say because I've enjoyed myself a lot everywhere. Everywhere I have been I have tried to fight in every game, one after the other, and leave everything on the pitch. 

At 31, where you surprised Barça wanted you?

[Thinking] I don't know. I don't know if I expected it because I was at Bayern, doing things well. Every year, when the season finishes, there are rumours about a lot of teams [wanting players] and I always knew that if things went well and I was still playing at the top level, I could reach anything. 

You've played for Bayern, for Juve... Is Barça another notch on your revolver? 

No, this is a jump to the best team in the world. I think I earned the right to be here and I hope to enjoy it as much as I can, to win, to win everything and fulfil my dream of winning the Champions League. 

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Is that your obesession? 

It's my objective, my dream... And I hope to win it with Barcelona. 

Playing, I imagine...

Competition is good and it's strong this year. There are lots of players with a lot of quality. The competition is going to be tough, but we're ready for it. 

Enough to win everything?

Yes, I think this is a team that can win everything. 

That was the feeling last year but then in Rome something strange happened...

I don't know what happened. I wasn't here. It was a strange game. Everyone was surprised. But more than that I can't say because I wasn't here. It seemed strange, though. It was incredible what happened. 

A lot of people felt it was an attitude problem. That wouldn't happen with you on the pitch...

I don't know what would have happened, but what I hope, now I am here, is that it never happens.

You've signed a three-year deal and you're 31. Could this be your last club?

[Laughs] I never look to the future, I always go day to day, but I am working hard to be at my best for these three years and I hope there will be many more. 

The injury's gone now?

Yes, I feel really strong. Of course I am still adapting and getting to know my new teammates, though. 

Having worked with Guardiola helps?

[Laughs] Yes... I have heard that! 



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