Arthur: People should stay at home

Arthur: People should stay at home

Arthur entrena en su día libre  / | @Arthurhmelo

The Brazilian midfielder spoke about the corona crisis

Arthur Melo was the protagonist on Saturday night, taking part in an Instagram live from Oclubefootball where he chatted and answered questions.

"We have to restrict contact wit hthe ousdie world, we have to get that in our head," said Arthur. "In Europe we're in total crisis. In Brazil there is time to take the necessary measures, everyone should follow the health authority's instructions."

Regarding his day to day life, Arthur said: "We hve a Whatsapp group where we are in contact each day, we ask about each other and our families. I'm doing daily training, we don't know when we will be able to go back and we can't stop working. I'm in total quarantine, only going to the supermarket and going home."

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