Arda Guler soap opera becoming more and more likely

Arda Guler soap opera becoming more and more likely

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Tied up, but not sealed. And this loophole gives Florentino Pérez and all his machinery the opportunity to try to do the rest. Arda Güler is the pearl to be desired in the transfer market. At 18 years of age, the Turkish midfielder has made a tremendous leap this season and has aroused the interest of the main European clubs. 

And, in this respect, FC Barcelona have been the best placed to make a move. Deco's recent trip to Istanbul was a clear declaration of intent. The Portuguese, who has not yet been made official as the new sporting director, is acting as number one in the sporting department. Deco moves well behind the scenes and, without hesitation, he set off for the Turkish city on his own.

The result, as we reported in SPORT, was a meeting between him and the player's agents. He managed to 'tie up' the signing of Arda. Very much on track, with the bases laid and agreed, but not closed and signed. A loophole that gives Florentino Perez the opportunity to bring out all his arsenal. 


Real Madrid want to play their cards. As reported yesterday by the Turkish media 'Fanatik', Los Blancos want to follow in the footsteps of Barça and will make a move in person to bring them closer to Arda Güler. So, in the same way Deco travelled to Istanbul, the aforementioned information indicates that the club will send Emilio Butragueño and Roberto Carlos, who played for Fenerbahçe between 2007 and 2010.

The same media adds that Barça would have offered 22 million for the total amount of the operation (commissions and training rights included), the same amount as Milan; so Madrid will have to exceed that figure if they want to keep alive the options of dressing Güler in their pristeen white. 

'Fanatik' journalist Yakup Çınar says Arda prioritises playing at the Santiago Bernabeu and, furthermore, that Fenerbahçe want to secure 20 percent of a future transfer fee of the player and that his new club will have to pay the "training costs" to Gençlerbirli instead of the Istanbul club doing so.

Roberto Carlos is currently an ambassador for Madrid. Then there is the factor of Mesut Özil, a former Real Madrid player and one of Güler's childhood idols. Arda has many similarities (beyond the fact that they are both left-footed) with Mesut, who was capped by Germany but has Turkish roots. However there is a certain calm at Barça despite the fact that nothing is set in stone.

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