Antoine Griezmann set to switch to the No 7 shirt at Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann set to switch to the No 7 shirt at Barcelona

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The France forward wore No 17 in his first season at Camp Nou

Antoine Griezmann could finally get the shirt number he wants at Barcelona. When he joined last summer he had to accept No 17 with the majority of numbers already taken.

However, with Philippe Coutinho then going on to leave for Bayern Munich, the No 7 was made vacant. Griezmann tried to switch but the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) would not allow it. If you have started the season with one number, per the rules, you cannot change for another one. And that's what happened when Coutinho left at the end of summer. 

Now, however, things have changed. Griezmann could now recover the No 7 that he has worn previously in his career, for both Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid. The France international has already given a hint of the possible number swap, highlighting the fact he reached seven million followers on Twitter and tagging Barça in the tweet. 

Griezmann has won the dressing room round at Barça and now could get the No 7 to the detriment of Coutinho, who returns to Camp Nou from his loan at Bayern. 

Excluding his first season at Real Sociedad, when he wore 27, Griezmann had always worn the No 7 in club football until he joined Barca.