Antoine Griezmann breaks his silence: I knew it would be tough

The French forward is not having a great time of it at Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann confesó al final del duelo entre Francia y Moldavia que sabía que su adaptación al Barça sería dura | Goal France

Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann spoke to the media after a period of silence. He is still adapting to Barca’s game and didn’t play well for France either against Moldavia.

“To play more central is better for me, I can orientate myself better,” said the Frenchman.

“I was playing in this position for many years and now what I have to do is adapt. I’m learning a lot although I knew arriving at Barcelona it would be difficult.”

France coach Didier Deschamps defended Griezmann.

“His moment at Barcelona is far from catastrophic. He’s less decisive than with us, but he could be better still. It’s a question of positioning. He was in his best position at Atletico although he knows I have great confidence in him.”


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