Antoine Griezmann and the fantastic five

The Frenchman will join the current quartet of Messi, Suárez, Coutinho and Dembélé

 Griezmann marcó un hat-trick ante el Sevilla | LALIGA

Dídac Peyret

Antoine Griezmann will be the fifth. The French striker will sign for Barcelona next summer at 27, at his footballing peak. "Le petit diable" (the little devil) as he is known in his country, will be part of the 'Fantastic Five' at Barcelona, along with Messi, Suárez, Coutinho and Dembélé.

Barcelona are enjoying the present but not forgetting about the future. The Frenchman is a great opportunity on the market - with a clause of 100 million euros - and both short to medium term value. With this signing, the club will not only complete their top attack, but get someone who can replace Suarez, who is 31 years old, looking to the future.

President Bartomeu has been one of the key figures in leading the operation which includes a penalty for both sides if they do not repsect the deal. Barcelona are holding onto the No 7 shirt, a number that yields a clue over what role he will have at Barca.

Griezmann will be an important piece of the puzzle. The team is already thinking about its next metaphormosis. Neymar's departure and Dembele's injury obliged Valverde to come up with an emergency plan. The coach brought Messi closer to the goal and restructured the defense of the team. He turned to a 4-4-2, a system which reduced the brilliance of the play but turned Barcelona into a much more solid side than last season. The signing of Coutinho and the return of Dembele have hinted at the transformation to come. Against Girona we saw a much happier side. More vulnerable at the back too, but with a huge amount of options to cause damage to the opponent.

Valverde lined up for the first time with his Fantastic Four together. Griezmann's signing adds more power to the attack, coming here as one of the best players in La Liga.

His rise at Atletico is similar to Messi's at Barca. He started off as a winger, but as the years go by he connects more and more with the play. He is now nothing like the player we saw at La Real, playing with total liberty. He's a scorer but also a creator. Someone who sets up chances and receives the ball from the midfielders. Diego Costa's arrival has suited him perfectly, in the same way Suarez is great news for Messi.

The work of the Brazilian, his off-the-ball movements and the faith which he exhibits in each move, allowed Griezmann to raise his game, as we saw against Sevilla. A few weeks ago he was whistled by the fans at the Wanda and he faced off with the stand. It's not the first time he's shown that personality. Griezmann grew up looking at David Beckham and has always been an impulsive player. As adrenalin-charged off the pitch as on it. Spontaneous with his team-mates and the media. Pure adolescent nerves. At Barcelona they welcome him with open arms.



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