Ansu Fati's father: "Madrid offered more money but Barça offered a better project"

There was probably no one prouder than Bori Fati last night as his son made his professional debut for FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou

It will be a moment Ansu Fati never forgets as he stepped out onto the Camp Nou pitch as an FC Barcelona player. The only person who could probably come close to matching his levels or pride and happiness is none other than the player's father, Bori Fati.

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Now that his son was thrust into the spotlight, the world wanted to know more about Ansu, his story, and how he came to make his debut.

Albert Puig was the man who discovered Ansu at Sevilla and the youngster already had an offer from Real Madrid worth a lot more money to the family. "I had an offer from Madrid which was for a lot of money. But Albert Puig came and told me they were from Barça and had a project. In a few years I saw what they meant. We knew it would work but we never imagined he would be playing alongside such beasts. Training with Pique.." to told RAC 1.

His feelings after his son's debut

It's been a crazy week in the Fati family. It began with his son training alongside the first team to making his debut at the Camp Nou against Real Betis.

"My mobile was on silent and I didn't even know. So he called his mother and said: 'Mum, I'm training with the first team.' I was in shock, I couldn't believe it," Bori confessed.

He explained that he had various conversations with Ansu throughout the last couple of days about what might happen. "I can't keep anything down, dad. I can't eat, I can't sleep." And who are his idols? "My idols are the coaches I've had at Barça, dad."

"I can rest easy now I've seen him make his debut with Barça. It won't be the only time, they'll be a lot more."


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