Andre Gomes will have to return to Barca at end of the season

The Everton loanee has no clause in his deal for the English club to purchase him

André Gomes juega cedido en el Everton
André Gomes juega cedido en el Everton | AFP

Andre Gomes, Everton’s Portuguese midfielder, is conscious that his professional future is decided, for now. The Barca loanee made his debut at Goodison Park and wowed fans there but the English side have no option to buy him.

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Gomes also played well against Manchester United that raised hopes among Everton fans but at the end of the season he must return to Barcelona. There is no fee to purchase him included in his contract.

Gomes’s release clause is 100 million euros, which will be hard for Everton to pay.

However Barcelona may decide they don’t need Gomes next season and sell him for less.


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