Andre Cury: Vinicius Junior is a Barca fan, he cried with the 6-1 win over PSG

The Real Madrid winger was apparently quite close to coming to join the Catalan giants

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Vinicius Junior could have been a Barcelona player but his agents took him to Real Madrid, explained Andre Cury.

The former Barcelona scout in Brazil explained that the Catalans were close to getting the new Neymar. “Vinicius was signed by Barca,” he said on SER radio. “The two agents were close friends of mine. It was there for us, but in the last moment my friends betrayed me and the club. Since 2017 we have not spoken.”

Asked about which team Vinicius supports, Cury said “he’s Barca fan, a Barca fan”. “Vinicius was a Barca fan. He cried with the 6-1 of Barca’s win over PSG.”

Neymar was the biggest name that Cury helped bring to Barcelona.

“Neymar came because of his love of the club,” said Cury. “It cost a lot to bring Neymar. Normally he wouldn’t have come. Real Madrid offered him 100m euros more.”



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