Alex Collado's sticky situation at FC Barcelona

Alex Collado's sticky situation at FC Barcelona

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It's not a nice spot for the young forward and he may not be able to play anywhere

It’s a delicate situation. Alex Collado is in one of the trickiest situations at Barca in recent years. The forward, because of his contract, has to be a first-teamer but Koeman does not want him. They tried to sent him out in the transfer market and now he’s left at the club without anything to do.

He did well in pre-season with the first team but left to try and resolve his situation, with a move to Bruges. In the end it fell through. He came back to Barcelona but Koeman said he “preferred to have Demir than Collado”, after the win over Real Sociedad.

On the last day of the window he was poised to join Sheffield United on loan n the Championship. However that fell through at the last minute too.

Now Collado is not registered for Barca’s first team or B team. 

“We’re trying to get the federation let him take Pjanic’s place, but it’s complicated,” said Laporta on TV3.

So playing for Barca B would be easiest, but he himself said his time there was up and all the spots are full, plus Rosanas and Hiroki Abe, both injured, are waiting for places too. Collado is in limbo.

Only Russia’s window is open for a loan, closing today, and Turkey’s, which shuts on Wednesday.

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