Alarm bells over Adrien Rabiot at Barcelona

Barcelona have not sealed his signing and the player's people have spoken to other sides

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Barcelona are still optimistic over Adrien Rabiot but they have not liked the latest developments. Conversations are continuing and they hope everything will clear up, although it looks hard for him to arrive in the winter window now.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz


The negotiations will not be as quick and easy as expected at first.

The player has already informed the club of his intention to reach the Camp Nou, but his people have also held meetings with four European clubs since January 1, something Barca aren’t happy about.

Everything follows its course, but Rabiot must take the decisive step and sign his contract in the next few days so that the operation crystallizes. All parties are in a hurry and Barca hope there are no last minute surprises.

Barça knew in early December that Rabiot was not going to renew with PSG. Since then, the Blaugrana informed the mother and agent of the player, Veronique, that the club’s interest still stood and that Rabiot was a priority.

Since the beginning of January, Rabiot has the Barca;s official offer on the table, higher than what was offered in summer because no transfer fee will be paid if he comes at the end of his contract.

There’s a sign on fee of 10 million euros and a contract for five seasons with a salary that increases as time passes.

Rabiot, in principle, gave the OK to everything, but Barça are waiting for a meeting to sign the documents. In this 'impasse', the player’s people have spoken to three clubs in the Premier League and one Italian side.

Apparently, Rabiot wants to leave PSG in January to avoid unpleasant situations, but Barça aren’t thinking about his immediate incorporation. Tottenham would be willing to reach a  agreement with PSG and the footballer.

Rabiot’s people are clear about his preference for Barça. They understand that the Blaugrana have been betting on him for months and they are aware that his football is ideal to shine at the Camp Nou. In addition, there are incentives in his contract in terms of titles and he knows that at Barça it is very likely that he will be able to get them.


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