Adriano: I feel strange wearing this white shirt like Real Madrid's!

Adriano Correia is now officially a Besiktas player. He spoke to the club's television channel. "We will be a better team than last year's side. We have a very difficult season ahead of us because there are good teams in this league and I Know that I've come here to be useful to Besiktas." 

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The player joked about one of the club's shirts, which is white. "I feel strange wearing this shirt because it's white like Real Madrid's!" he said, after joining from Barcelona.

The deal sees the club receive 600,000 euros, although it could end up being a total of 1.7m euros, if Besiktas reach the Champions League in the three seasons Adriano is with the club.

He signed for a 2.4m euros season salary each season, with the deal reached almost a week after he travelled to Turkey.


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