ABC: Arturo Vidal is claiming 2.4 million from Barca in unpaid bonuses

The Chilean is demanding payment from the club for bonuses

Arturo Vidal marcó... y el árbitro lo anuló | MEDIAPRO

Arturo Vidal has filed a complaint against Barcelona to La Liga and the Spanish Footballers' Association over unpaid bonuses worth 2.4 million euros, claim ABC newspaper.

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The Chilean midfielder, who is currently negotiating his way out of the club with Inter Milan trying to sign him, say that Vidal has only been paid 1.7m euros of the 4.1m he believe he is owed.

Barcelona, on the other hand, are saying he is not due the corresponding bonuses, per the report.

Arturo Vidal presiona para salir del Barça | AFP


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