"Barça feel it is practically impossible for them to sign Neymar"

PSG don't want to sell Neymar to Barça and would even prefer to let the Brazilian join Real Madrid for less money

Según una exclusiva de Quim Doménech, es casi imposible que el FC Barcelona fiche a Neymar | Twitter

According to an exclusive by 'El Chiringuito de Jugones', FC Barcelona directors feel it's impossible for them to sign Neymar. They believe PSG won't accept any of their offers and, out of pride, would prefer to let him join Real Madrid.

Esteban García Marcos

The only way that Neymar could end up at Barça is if the player asks for the move. And even then, it's still a slight possibility that PSG would allow Neymar to dictate what happens. This is why Barça are using Andre Cury, someone Neymar personally trusts, to ensure that any messages get through to the player.

Neymar continua su idilio con ambos clubes

According to Quim Domènech, the Brazilian wants to play for Barcelona and it's something PSG know. He isn't as interested in the offer from Real Madrid although he has been on the verge of joining the club before. The issue for Neymar is that if he closes the door on a move to Madrid, he might have to spend another year in Paris. 

PSG would even sell Neymar for less money to Madrid, such is their dislike for Barça. This is why the Catalan club insist that Neymar must make the next step for a deal to happen. 



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