The curiosity of Messi's first meeting with Laporta since Barça exit


The two men will coincide at the Ballon d'Or gala in Paris on Monday

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Sergi Capdevila

Beyond awards, prizes, pomposity and stars, there will be a scene with a certain amount of curiosity at the Ballon d'Or gala at the Théatre du Chatelet in Paris on Monday.

After a traumatic departure from FC Barcelona and one of the saddest farewell press conferences in history, Lionel Messi will meet president Joan Laporta again. At the beginning of August, the can of worms was opened after weeks and weeks in which everything had been aimed at reaching an agreement and announcing the Messi would continue at Camp Nou.

But from nowhere, one day the club issued a statement lamenting the unfeasibility of the renewal of the Argentine star. He was leaving. And so it was. The benchmark of the last 15 years said goodbye.

A future at Barcelona

Well, three months later, Messi and Laporta will coincide again -- in the same room, in the same space. Obviously, with the hustle and bustle that there will be, it could be that they do not actually coincide, but in any case, it will be the first time since the farewell appearance of Messi (where the greeting between the two was cold) that they will see each other again.

Laporta has always maintained the discourse that it was impossible and unfeasible to extend Messi's contract and comply with the financial ‘fair play’ rules in LaLiga. As for Leo, he has maintained that his home will always be Barcelona and that his idea is to return in the future.



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