Arturo Vidal's son on trial in the Barça Academy

On Monday he will take his first training session and a fortnight later he will stay or go

Monito Vidal, en su primer entrenamiento

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21/01/2019 - sport

Arturo Vidal's son on trial in the Barça Academy



The story is nothing new. Professional footballers children trying their luck in the world of football. We don't know where they will end up but it's important that they enjoy their first few years.

Josep Capdevila


There are many examples and the latest is Arturo Vidal's son, Alonso 'Monito' Vidal. Arturo uploaded two photos himself, one of a dressing room and another of his son, training on one of the pitches near the Mini Estadi.

Monito was having his first training session with the Barca academy on Monday, which was previously the FCB Escola. There is no more information but the usual thing is that after a fortnight it is decided if the child has the quality to stay or if he should go. 

Affter leaving his son at training, Vidal went to L'Hospitalet to watch a friendly game between the womens' national teams of Chile and Catalonia. 0-0, and the Catalans won on penalties.


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